Queens Staircase & Fort Fincastle
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Queens Staircase & Fort Fincastle

The Queens Staircase & Fort Fincastle are both historic sites in The Bahamas and are in walking distance to each other. You can make a day of it and visit both at the same time, they are easily accessible to Bahamians and Tourists and very cost effective. These monuments go hand in hand with each other as the Queens Staircase was built as an access point to the Fort towards the end of the 18th century.
  Queens Staircase - 66 Steps
There are tour guides at both attractions and they truly surprised me with their knowledge of all of the history of both sites. Antonio at the Queens Staircase blew me away with how easy he was able to gain the attention of the crowd and give a truly comprehensive and relatable overview.
After a quick walk up the staircase you can take a short walk Bennet’s hill to Fort Fincastle, it only cost $1 dollar to go in and the view from the top is gorgeous. You get a beautiful 360 degree view of Nassau, I was surprised to be able to see the New Stadium from the top. Once you’re done with both attractions there are vendors at the top of the hill selling cold drinks, fresh coconut water and the usual souvenirs you can find at the straw market. Both attractions have sufficient areas for parking, restrooms and places to rest before and after you are done with each tour.
Entry of Fort Fincastle
Canon At Fort Fincastle View from the top of the Fort Fresh Coconut Water
Touring these Bahamian monuments is a great way to get a quick refresher on Bahamian history and spend a nice quiet day taking in the sites and sounds along the way. Also a really great workout! My advice is to go early on in the day to avoid the crowds and hot sun.
When is the last time you have been to either of these historic sites?
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