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Erna’s Nature Pool | Stella Maris Beach Resort, Long Island

Erna’s Nature Pool is off the beaten path, but a must see when visiting Long Island in my opinion. When people think of resort pools their imaginations usually conjure up images of lounge chairs, the smell of sun screen and tropical drinks with umbrellas. Well this pool is a little different; while Stella Maris Resort Club does have a public pool and a number of other pools on the property, this pool was made by nature and a little help from the owners of the resort.

Erna’s Nature pool is a naturally protected tidal pool. The scale is much larger than the tiny tidal pools you see at the beach when tide is low. It has high limestone walls on three sides with water inlets at each end. This tidal pool has a sandy bottom and is home to a number of small fish species and crabs. Theres a concrete landing area at the top where you can spread out a towel and tan or just relax while reading a book and taking in the cool breezes. The stairs leading down to the pool can be a bit slippery closer to the water, I recommend wearing water shoes to avoid slipping. Depending on the tides you may be greeted with a sand bar or waist deep water. For a calmer and relaxing experience go during low tide hours. For a more exhilarating and fun experience go during high tide or during the time that tide is changing from low to high tide. This tide change produces a lot of wave action in the pool.

This is normally a late afternoon activity for us. We usually go at end of the day when the sun is a bit lower in the sky. There is no shade at the nature pool, you risk being badly sunburned if you go during peak sunlight hours. We also prefer late afternoon because this is usually when tide is getting higher and we enjoy the waves. When tide is coming in you can ride the waves from the inlet towards the middle of the pool. It’s really fun and children love it.

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Family photo at Erna's Nature Pool featuring myself, children and adults.

What to Bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Hat
  • Water Shoes or Slippers/Sandals with Grip
  • A GoPro if you want Pictures and video

How to Get There:

Drive to Stella Maris Resort & Beach Club, follow the road until you get to the Moonshine Beach Bar. There is a parking lot here that you can’t miss, if you pass it you’ve gone too far. Once parked head towards the path way in the bushes, its labelled with a driftwood sign. Go straight head for Erna’s Nature Pool & follow the wooden boardwalk to the end. Once you have arrived you will be greeted with a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean on and the north side and the nature pool will be straight ahead. You can’t miss it.

After your relaxing dip in this lovely nature pool, make the trek back along the wooden boardwalk and stop off at the Moonshine Beach Bar for some yummy food and cocktails. Take in the views of the Atlantic ocean and take in the cool breeze and waves crashing along the shoreline. This is the perfect way to end your of exploring the island.


  • Kitti

    What a beautiful natural pool. I would love to come down for a swim when the tide is changing, like you said it must be so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lanie

    When I lived in Brooklyn, I rarely made my way over to Long Island. This looks amazing for the kids! Maybe we will have to head over to Long Island on our next visit to NYC.

  • Yvonne

    This looks like so much fun! Very informative post. I really appreciated the recommendations about what times of day to visit depending on suns rays and the tides. Saving for future reference.

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