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FOOD: Sunday Brunch at Luciano’s 

I woke up this morning knowing I probably wouldn’t cook lunch until much later on than I usually do. But we can’t starve can we? So Sunday brunch at Luciano’s it was, Luciano’s serves brunch on Sunday’s 11-3.

First they start you off with a complimentary pastry tray and serve you drinks. Then they give you a bit of time to look at the menu. There is a pretty good selection of different types of breakfast foods to choose from including grits, salads, waffles, breakfast meats and eggs cooked pretty much any way you wish.

Complimentary Assorted Pastries

We decided on the fried chicken with crispy waffles, lobster omlette with potato hash & braised short ribs with potato hash and two eggs. All of the food came out pretty quickly and looked delicious. The lobster omlette was nice and fluffy and they didn’t skimp out on the lobster, the potato hash was seasoned well. The braised short rib hash left a lot to be desired in the meat department, it was mostly potato with tiny little bits of meat scattered through. Lastly the chicken and waffles was pretty good, the white gravy tasted great mixed with the sweetness of the maple syrup and the chicken was well seasoned and crispy. For a fine dining restuarant I was expecting to be blown away by the food but I wasn’t. The food is by no means bad but it just wasn’t anything special in my opinion, nothing really stood out to me. The guava mimosa’s on the other hand were great, just make sure you shake up the carafe a bit so you get the guava flavor all throughout the glass. ( tip: get the carafe you can drink 7 or 8 mimosas for the price of about 2 glasses)

The atmosphere is very relaxed, with music playing quietly in the backround and a cool breeze blowing (if you choose to sit outdoors). If you’re looking for brunch on a Sunday, give Luciano’s a try, there are a lot of other options on the menu that we didn’t get to try and you may be blown away by one of those.

Lobster Omelette with Potato Hash Crispy Chicken & Waffles Braised Short Rib Hash With Eggs

Overall it was a great way to start a slow, easy going Sunday & now I’m off to cook dinner.

Have you ever had brunch at Luciano’s? What were your thoughts on the food?


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