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Segway Tours Nassau

Segway’s are such an interesting form of transportation but such a fun way to get around and see a bit of Nassau you may not normally frequent on foot.

Segway Tours Nassau is located behind the Cricket Club, very easy to find. Once you arrive you get your helmets and optional knee and arm pads and your Segway. The tour guide gives each person a tutorial on how to use the Segway’s and gives you a chance to ride around to practice a bit and get comfortable with the controls before heading off on your tour.

It’s a bit shaky and bumpy when you first start using the Segway but once you become comfortable and confident they are very fun and easy to use. I was intimidated at first and worried that I would fall, but once I got on falling felt pretty impossible. I found the controls to be very intuitive; you control the Segway by slightly shifting your body weight around. I was riding around one-handed in no time.

My tour guide for the day was Mona and she was great, The tour was both fun and informative and she was willing to answer any questions, even ones unrelated to the tour.  During the tour you make several stops and learn about the history and sites in the surrounding area. The tour is just under 2 hours and you get to see a lot in that time.

After the tour is done, you get a chance to do a couple of races with the other people on the tour, that was really fun even though I was horrible at precision Segway maneuvers. Once you head back to the home base you have a chance to ride the Segway’s around the field.

I recommend doing the tour earlier on in the morning to avoid the super hot sun, there is also a lot less traffic on the road and foot traffic on the sidewalks. This makes it a lot easier to navigate without having to think too much about it.  I only had two other tourist on the tour with me so this gave us a lot of extra time to ride around and relax on the different stops.

You can find Segway Tours Nassau on their Website

Have you ever rode a Segway before? What was your experience?


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