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I am a Thalassophile

I have a confession to make.  My Name is Ashley and I am a Thalassophile.

Definition: (noun) Lover of the sea, a preference for the sea.

The definition describes me perfectly. I always find myself gravitating towards the ocean and ocean related activities. If there is an option between a beach day and something else….guess which one I choose.  Some days I even drive to the beach on my lunch break and eat lunch there.

How to know if you’re a Thalassophile:

  1. Words cannot express how much you love summer
  2. You go in the water year round…it doesn’t need to be summer for you to enjoy the water, you will also stay in the water if its raining and thundering as long as there is no lightening
  3. Your Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat looks like this:

    Your social media looks like this
    Your social media looks like this
  4. You don’t get it when people go to the beach and do not get in the water
  5. You always have a swimsuit or towel in your car or bag and you will go in the water with all your clothes on (no cares)
  6. You have shells, driftwood or seaglass somewhere in your house
  7. You always find sand in your shoes, car, clothes or room
  8. You get so excited you forget to apply sunscreen and end up looking like a lobster, but it was still worth it
  9. The sound of waves instantly relaxes you
  10. You’re a beach snob; if the sand isn’t white and the water isn’t clear…its not a beach
  11. You can get completely destroyed by jellyfish and still go back in the water 2 days later (true story)

If you agreed or said YASSSSS to any of the above points you are definitely a thalassophile.

Let me know what your favorite things are about the beach and the ocean in the comments!

I am a thalassophile - Mermaid I am a thalassophile - sitting I am a thalassophile - diving I am a thalassophile - under over legs





  • Gb

    I must confess then I am one also and I guess it’s an inherited condition.I love the sea anytime of year.I love to watch the sea caressing the sand on a calm day and beating against the sand and rocks when it is rough.I like the way the sea soothes and relaxes me.When the sea is so calm it glistens in the sun,and you can see everything in the sea and on the seabed.The best sleep I get is after an all day on the beach.

  • Marie Rose Pascual

    Wonderful article. I love nature especially Recudo~2, Villa Balinmanok, Pangasinan white beach and Dasol, Pangasinan white sand beach, and Subic beach and Taal Lake. I grew up going to Pangasinan every summer to swim at Charisa’s Beach Resort in Pangasinan. I love it when me and the rest of the family and my relatives jump submerged altogether holding hands once the biggest waves hit us. I have a plastic bag of white sand in my cabinet and a few seashells too.

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