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Primeval Forest National Park

Primeval Forest is an 8.6 acre undisturbed woodland on the southwestern end of Nassau. Primeval Forest offers a unique opportunity to see what Nassau looked like thousands of years ago before development of the island started. This area of land is preserved and protected by The Bahamas National Trust. You can see native trees and plants, sinkholes & even fossils. The park is in such a secluded area the only sounds you will hear are the birds calling and wind rustling through the trees. Primeval forest has the highest concentration of natural sinkholes on New Providence. Upon seeing the fossilized conch shell & sea anemone it was both interesting and scary to know where water levels used to be centuries ago. They show the large difference in sea levels between the past and now.
The tour starts off with a little history about the area and a few safety tips. Once the tour begins you will follow paths and walk over platforms and bridges, you may even have to crawl if you choose to go into one of the sinkholes. The trails are well mapped out and easy to navigate – there are informational signs along the way that explain the different animal and plant species that can be found in the park. The hike is relaxing and the pace is easy and slow.
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The park ranger was extremely knowledgeable about the park & I could tell he was passionate about it as well. His excitement about all of the plants, sinkholes, and animals made the tour 10x better.  I loved that he was willing to answer any questions asked. Primeval Forest is a great alternative to the beaches and water-based tours. Nature enthusiast will love this tour and I think it would be interesting to the general public as well.


  • Call ahead and book a tour
  • Bring water
  • Wear closed or tennis shoes

How to Get There:

Take Western road down to South Ocean Road, continue on south ocean road to Frank Watson Blvd, pass Frank Watson Blvd and take the first left onto Hillside Place road. Follow Hillside Place road over the hill until you see the Primeval Forest sign on the right. Parking is just up the road on the left.
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