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Pearl Island: Labour Day Jam

Pearl Island is one mile east of Paradise Island and short boat ride away from Nassau, on the way over you get a nice leisurely ride with gorgeous views and cool breeze; the first thing you see on arrival is the lighthouse. I got to spend the day for thier grand opening and I can’t wait to go back and spend the night over in thier lighthouse.
 Pearl Island Island View from boat
Pearl Island Water Trampoline
Once you get on land you are welcomed by the staff for a photo op and a drink sample, you also receive your lunch tickets and can purchase tickets for other extras like drinks, snacks and conch salad.
After the welcome area you are free to choose wherever you would like to spend the day, there are a lot of different options to choose from like beach chairs with umbrellas, Thatch huts, benches and tables or you can just sit on the beach if you’d like. I quickly ran over and claimed a few beach chairs with umbrellas. There was a nice cool breeze blowing and we were near everything – the bar, the live band & the conch salad – MAJOR WIN!!
 Pearl Island ViewsPearl Island Beach & Kayaks
The island is very clean and the staff was attentive and super friendly. There are activities like snorkeling and kayaking to keep you occupied during the day, a water trampoline and a few different places you can grab a drink or snack.
Before lunch I was allowed to go into the lighthouse (which is not open to the public yet), There are 4 floors and each one offers a panoramic view, the view from the top is beautiful. Once they are done furnishing the inside I would love to do a overnight stay there.
Pearl Island Walking towards Lighthouse Pearl Island Ashley on Swing
 Lunch is buffet style and is included with your ticket or if you wish you can purchase other food items, I found all of their drinks to be very reasonably priced.
After lunch I went snorkeling, there is a large reef just off the island and there are different varieties of fish, coral and sea fans. There is a lot to see and the guides will tell you about different fish and coral if you’d like or if you just want to swim around they will let you do your thing and check up on you every once in a while.
 Pearl Island GWHV Snorkeling
 Pearl Island GWHV in Water
Although there are a few areas that are still being renovated like the pool, jacuzzi area and lighthouse, Over all I had an awesome day. I got to relax, spend some time in the water, do a little snorkeling and hear some nice music from Willis & The Illest. One of my favorite things is the fact that their boat goes back and forth from Nassau every hour up until 8pm, so you never feel like you have to rush to leave. Pearl Island’s opening day was a success, I enjoyed my time on the island and I will definitely be back to experience it all again.
Check out the video from my day at Pearl Island:


  • Silver

    Somehow it feels like a really good getaway, even if you are already in island life…..a breath of fresh air even

    I’d like to give the place a try, i think everyone’s entitled to a getaway! Love this!

  • gb

    A day Pearl Island was well spent.The boat ride was relaxing and picturesque.The Staff are helpful and engaging.The food was tasty and a lot.To top it off Willis and the Illest provided great music.The island lies between 2 other islands and the view from Pearl Island is awesome.I thoroughly enjoyed my day there and can’t wait to go back.

  • Paul

    It was a truly enjoyable day, nice people, nice music, relaxing time. I really loved the live band and the price is pretty reasonable for the excursion and the extras. I’ll be back again. The Labor Day opening was a success in my opinion.

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