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What To Expect When Traveling To The Bahamas Out Islands

The Bahamas Out Islands consist of over 700 gorgeous Islands, Cays, and Rocks. On these remote scarcely populated islands you will find untouched beaches, acres of land and sea teeming with wildlife and adventures galore. If you are into the fast paced life and convenience, these islands are not for you. But if you want pure peace, utter relaxation, and unadulterated adventures you’ve come to the right place.

Super Friendly Locals

Almost everyone will wave at you as you pass by on the road or start a conversation. People will be more than willing to help you find your way if you aren’t sure where to go. This is awesome because you will almost always have a local resource to tell you what you need to see and where you can find the best food on the island. Some folks may even invite you into their homes.

Higher Prices

Of course, I encourage you to support the local economy. But if you’re on a budget make sure you pack everything you may need. The basics can be more expensive than what you are used to in your own town and even more expensive than Nassau.

Special Dietary Needs

Not everywhere may be able to accommodate your special requests or needs. I suggest calling ahead to your hotel or wherever you plan to stay and see if items you need are available or easily accessible.  If there are special foods, products or equipment you may need to pack them with you.

Seclusion Like You’ve Never Experienced

In a good way. If you want true relaxation The Bahamas Out Islands are for you. You will always be able to find an empty beach to chill on or a secret spot to call your own. I’ve never seen a crowded beach on these islands except for regatta and homecoming time.

Island Time

Most things tend to be way more relaxed and laid back on The Bahamas Out Islands, so get on island time or you may end up frustrated.


There are so many different things to do and experience on each island your mind will be blown. There’s the Glass Window Bridge & The Queens Bath in Eleuthera, Morgans Bluff & Captian Morgans Cave in Andros, Chat N’ Chill & Wild Sea Turtles in Exuma to name a few and much more for you to explore.

Unique Cuisine

Each island has their own flavor and food history. You can find unique foods on different islands that you won’t ever find in Nassau. On certain islands, you can find variations of The Bahamas’ traditional conch salad or lobster being served in a way you never imagined. Be open and try it out.

Bring Cash

Debit & credit cards are not widely accepted throughout The Bahamas Out Islands. Some islands you may not even be able to find an ATM. So it’s best to travel with the amount of cash you think you may need plus a little extra. Since US & Bahamian currency is interchangeable theres no need to exchange your money if you are from the United States.

Keep Left

Cars drive on the left side of the road here, so it can be a culture shock for most people coming from countries where it’s the opposite. Most rentals have a sticker to remind you about this important tip. If you are not comfortable driving on the opposite side of the road consider grabbing a cab.

I hope some of these tips can help you take the plunge and plan a trip to The Bahamas Out Islands. Smart planning can make a trip to the Out Islands one of the best trips you have ever had. If you’ve visited The Bahamas Out Islands before let me know which was your favorite and why?

The Bahamas Out Islands - Pompey Ruins The Bahamas Out Islands - Stingrays The Bahamas Out Islands - Stocking Island The Bahamas Out Islands - Stocking Island


  • Gb

    I am an out islander.i have visited abaco,Eleuthera,andros,grand bahama and Exuma. Next to my home Long Island,Exuma and it’s cays is my favorite. If you want a real vacation visit one of the family/out islands.

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