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The Heritage Museum

Posters at Entrance


The Heritage Museum of The Bahamas is Located in the historically preserved Mountbatten House on West Hill Street, the museum gives visitors an in depth look at the history and heritage of The Bahamas; ranging from the pre-historic times to today.

Ladies Boudoir

I just happened to be driving along West Hill street and saw the sign. The museum is filled with artifacts and documents from piracy, maritime, slavery, world war II, Columbus, The Eleutheran Adventurers up until now and show items and documents from each different era. Most of the artifacts are originals and a few have been restored. The artifacts range from Sea life, swords, clothing that would be worn by a slave masters wife, documents, clay pipes, early utensils, swords, cooking pots, armor & weapons.


Robinson Crusoe


I opted to use the audio guide to take a self guided tour, all of the exhibits were really interesting and beautifully put together, I enjoy the areas where you were encouraged to interact with and touch certain items. The Old time store and the slavery era were my favorite sections, these areas had the most memorabilia. There were tons of vintage signs, posters, packaging and bottles. Because I am a designer I could stay in both rooms all day and admire all of the old designs, typefaces and swoon over the packaging.  Everything in both areas was the most interesting to me. The Heritage Museum looks so small from the outside but once I got inside and started the tour I was surprised by how much is held in such a seemingly small building.


Old General Store


The tour starts and ends in the gift shop so I expected a bit of a push to purchase the gift shop items but the staff was very friendly and not pushy at all. Overall I was really impressed with the layout and the condition of all the artifacts on display. I think this is a great tour for both Bahamians and tourists wanting to find out a little more about Bahamian history and Heritage and just something different to do rather than the usual beaching. Whenever you get a chance, take the time to check it out, they have a lot to offer!

Have you ever visited The Heritage Museum before? Tell me about your experience below.

Here are a few snippets of my day at the Heritage Museum:


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