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How to NOT be the world’s most annoying traveler

Traveling can be a stressful experience; long lines, security checks, cultural differences and language barriers. I was prompted to write this while waiting in the airport before heading out for another quick trip. Being back in an airport reminded me just how annoying some travelers can be. While in Dubai I had a few experiences with other tourists that made my blood boil. So I’m going to share a few tips with you on how you can avoid being the worlds most annoying traveler. These are my opinions and experiences but I am sure some of you can relate.


The following tips should stop you from being an annoyance to others while traveling:

1. Airplane Etiquette – While I understand that everyone has a different idea of airplane etiquette, Please don’t be that person who is spraying perfume or using products that have really strong smells. Don’t recline your seat too far back for it to become uncomfortable for the person behind you. DO NOT allow your child to kick the seat in front of them. True story on my way back to Nassau from Dubai I had a seat-mate that was rubbing tiger balm all over his forehead and temples during a 17+ hour flight and a kid kicking my seat back the whole flight.

2. Be Prepared For Security – You just passed a sign that says exactly what you need to do. Why do you still have on all of your jewelry, shoes and your laptop in your bag? Security is already a long process, make everyone else’s life easy by following instructions and being prepared.

3. Keep Your Germs to Yourself – While I understand that it is quite possible for someone to get sick during a trip and that you may not be able to help traveling while sick. Please cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing or use a face mask to protect others immune systems. Wash your hands often. My last stint in the airport there was a guy walking around coughing everywhere, not covering his mouth and then touching everything with his germ hands.

4. Be Considerate – This is a broad sweeping statement that covers a spectrum of travel fouls. JUST BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS. One of my tours had two ladies that just refused to follow instructions, I intentionally chose a tour that gave me freedom to explore at each stop but every single time it was time to leave and move on to the next stop these ladies were late. They were also not ready at their hotel pickup time making the tour itinerary run behind and certain stops had to be cut short.

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5. Don’t Waste Peoples Time – In the market, I witnessed a lot of tourists wasting vendors time by asking to try scarves and asking shopkeepers to tie headwraps on them just to take a photo with no intentions of buying. These people work hard for their money just like you do at home so they are willing to go above and beyond to get a sale.

6. Leave Your Entitlement at Home – Do not go to someone else’s country and feel that they owe you anything or that you are better than them because you may feel that you are from a “superior country”. No one is obligated to give you special treatment. Please and thank you go a long way.

7. Cultural Sensitivity – If a country you visit has certain customs pertaining to clothing; dress appropriately.  If they follow a religion different than yours; Respect their beliefs. Disrespecting a local culture and their customs because you didn’t do your research is not an acceptable excuse. It’s 2018 you can find everything online now.

8. Learn Basics of The Language – If you are going to a country where the first language is not English learn a few basic phrases or download a translation app. Don’t be the person complaining that no one speaks english. If you make an effort most people will be more than happy to help you and practice their english with you.

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What annoys you most while traveling, if you think I missed some important ones let me know in the comments below!


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