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Big Picture Paint & Sip Studio

The studio before guest arrive
Big Picture Paint & Sip Studio is a fairly new spot in Sandyport and after going to one of the sessions I think everyone should give it a try. I took my mother for Mother’s Day and we had an awesome time, In fact the whole group did. The people next to us were having so much fun, they laughed until they cried.
The studio is very clean and inviting, beautifully decorated, there are cubbies for you to place your belongings in and when you arrive your spot is already set up and personalized with your name. Every detail is thoughtfully planned out, making the atmosphere relaxed and inviting from the start of the session.
Personalized painting space
At first thinking about painting a whole picture in a few hours can be intimidating, but Gennyne does a great job of making everyone feel comfortable no matter their skill level and assures everyone that it’s not about having the perfect painting, and to just be creative and have fun.
You are guided through the whole process and given time to complete each step and add your own touches if you want. At any time Gennyne was willing to stop and pop over to help you get it right or show you exactly what you should be doing or which color or brush you should be using.
Strawberry, Mint Lemonade
I love that everything can be done online, The website is very comprehensive and easy to use. You can see dates and times that the studio is open and exactly what you will be painting in each session. You can also book your session online.  Everything is provided for you in a safe and comfortable environment and at the end of the session you get to take home your masterpiece. All you have to do is bring yourself and be ready to have fun.
Moms finished painting Group Photo of finished paintings
My mom and I can’t wait to go back again and of course bring family and friends along with us.
You can find Big Picture Paint & Sip Studio on:
Instagram: @bigpictureltd
Website: bigpicltd.com
Check out the video from the Mother’s Day paint party:


  • gb

    This is a fun thing to do.I discovered some skills I did not have.To do this you don’t need to know anything about painting,just let your hand do the moving and you will be amazed at your finished product.Check it out.I will go back.

    • girlwithherviews

      I love what this business is doing, we’ve needed more creative activities for a while. This is something great for people to express themselves in a safe and fun environment and I think everyone should give it a try.

    • alwaysshana

      I saw a freestyle Thursday in the calendar that allows for more self expression if that’s what you are looking for but the experience is about so much more than painting a picture. You have to try it! I was at the same session as girlwithherviews and my daughter and I had a blast!

      • girlwithherviews

        Thanks for your comment @alwaysshana we all had a great time and maybe the freestyle is something people who don’t want to paint the same as everyone else can try out. I will have to check a freestyle session out. Thanks for reading my post!

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