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Pompey Memorial & Ruins – Great Exuma

Pompey Memorial & Ruins - Pompey Statue and Plaque

The Pompey Memorial & Ruins is just as beautiful as it is historic. The Pompey Memorial  & Ruins stand on a seaside cliff, this is where the slaves set off toward Nassau. They hoped to escape their fate of families being split up and sent to Cat Island. Just beyond the ruins, there is a stone walkway and gazebo where you can stare out at the sea and think about how brave Pompey must have been to have the courage to go against his slave master.

The gazebo is extremely relaxing, the Pompey memorial is a great place to go for some peace and quiet accompanied by beautiful views.

Pompey Memorial & Ruins - Gazebo View

The History:

Pompey led a rebellion against his slave master along with other slaves. They hid in the bush, stole the master’s boat and attempted to escape to Nassau. They were apprehended en route and returned back to Exuma where they were greeted with celebrations. Pompey was punished for his heroic deeds, but his bravery lead to the anti-slavery movement in The Bahamas.

Pompey Memorial & Ruins - View from Road

How to Get There:

Heading towards Steventon nearby the Grand Isle Resort, The Pompey Memorial sits close to the main road bordering the island’s coast. It is pretty hard to miss.

Have you visited the Pompey Memorial & Ruins before? Let me know in the comments.


Pompey Memorial & Ruins - Jail Pompey Memorial & Ruins - Jail 2


  • Todd Gray

    Good morning, would you know when the golden statue was erected to Pompey? And who is the sculptor? Is the other statue also to him and when/who did that?

    • Ashley Bethel

      Unfortunately none of that information was available at the site and since I last visited no one has been able to tell me who the sculptor was and when the statues/memorial was erected. I would love to know this information as well.

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