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Beach Bag Essentials – Summer 2016

Beach Bag Essentials - Summer 2016 -palm frond

Beach Bag Essentials are different for everyone. We all have different priorities when planning a beach day. Some of us go to the beach to tan others go and spend the day in the water. The different needs require different items.

A beach bag is an essential part of summer and packing appropriately for the beach is crucial. Summer is here in full force and everyone is hitting the beaches to cool down. Everything I take to the beach with me has a specific purpose – you never want to overpack. Who wants to be lugging a heavy bag down the beach?

See my I am a Thalassophile post to find out how much I love the beach.

The Open Weave Tote in Tan from Old Navy is my current favorite. It is very light, has a lot of space to fit everything you need and long straps. The open weave design is a PLUS because once you pick it up all of the sand falls right back out.

Beach Bag Essentials - Summer 2016 -flat lay

Heading out for a day at the beach? Don’t forget to pack these Beach Bag Essentials.

I like to start with the things I absolutely can’t live without – Sunblock, water and a towel. Then I go from there depending on how long I plan to be at the beach and what I will be doing. Here is a list of my beach bag essentials:

1. Towel

My favorite are velour towels; they dry quicker and are more compact.

2. Sunblock

I prefer separate protection for my face and body; So I use a spray for my body & a cream for my face.

Ocean Potion Face Potion Clear Zinc Oxide SPF 45 and Coppertone Sport High Performance SPF 70 are my go to’s.

3. Water

I always take my 24oz Tervis Tumbler water bottle with me, filled with ice and water. Your beverages stay cold for a very long time. Bonus: you can use it for other drinks when you finish your water. 

4. Bluetooth Speaker

The Philips Shoqbox Mini is shock proof, water proof and dust proof. Awesome features that make it perfect for a day on the beach.

5. Life proof case + IPhone

This combination is perfect for capturing all the fun moments while making sure your phone is protected from the elements.

6. Sunglasses

I have the Laurels in tea rose fade from Warby Parker. These sunglasses allow me to wear my prescription and look stylish.

7. Go Pro

For all of those awesome underwater photos and videos you see on my Instagram & Youtube.

8. Lip Balm

Rosebud Salve is all I have to say.

9. Conditioner + Comb/Brush

All of my natural girls know the struggle. These are important to tame the beast after a long day in the water and sun.

10. Jacket (not shown)

If you plan on staying after sunset, sometimes a little chill sets in. Always better to be prepared. I always have my Canvas Field Jacket in Camo from Old Navy on hand.

Beach Bag Essentials - Summer 2016 -poponi beach Beach Bag Essentials - Summer 2016 -sea oats & palms

What are some of your beach bag essentials?

Check out my essentials video and let me know what you take to the beach with you:


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