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Ocean Hole | Rock Sound, Eleuthera

The Ocean Hole - View
The Ocean Hole is an inland blue hole filled with fish. Visitors can swim, explore the area and feed the fish, but no fishing is allowed. The surrounding area has nice pathways, a covered gazebo and a rock rim bordering the entire Ocean Hole. There is also well done educational signage and placards on the wildlife and history.

The area to get into the water has a ladder and some life rings. Snorkeling around the hole you can see angel fish, sergeant majors, tangs and many other species of fish. You an also see a variety of birds in the trees surrounding the hole.

The Ocean Hole - Fish Feeding

One of the things I enjoy most about the Ocean Hole; is you can do so many things there. I know you’re probably thinking this is just another blue hole, nothing much to see or do. But, if you want to relax it is a very quiet and calming place to be. Bring a book, sit and read for a bit. If you’re feeling adventurous you can walk around the perimeter and jump off the cliffs, they are varying heights. If you’re hungry pack your own food there is a gazebo, or grab something from Sammy’s which is close by.

Ocean Hole - Waterview The Ocean Hole - Fish Underwater

When it gets too hot you can swim with the fish to cool down. Don’t forget to bring bread or crackers to feed them, sometimes you can even see turtles. Read my Bucket List Post to understand how I feel about my turtle friends.

How to get there:
From Rock Sound airport, coast slowly through the settlement passing The Marketplace and Lumber Shed on the right. The Ocean Hole is on the left shortly after the Lumber Shed. There should be another sign on the right signifying the entrance to the Ocean Hole. If you pass a yellow building on the right, you’ve just missed the entrance.
Have you ever visited the Ocean Hole?
Watch the video from my visit to The Ocean Hole:


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