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J&S Scooter & Buggy Rentals – Island Buggy Tour

J&S Scooter & Buggy  rentals offers an Island Buggy tour that is a great way to experience the island and have some fun. If you’re short on time and not sure how to fit in multiple tours, this is the tour for you. The tour lasts 3.5 hours and includes 4 stops, three of which are landmarks and then the tour is ended with drinks and a bite to eat at a restuarant.

If you can handle a stick, you can drive one of these buggies. The buggies are powerful, have storage, a soft top just in case it rains and a stereo loaded with a variety of different kinds of music to help you vibe on your ride around the island.

First stop is Fort Charlotte; the largest fort on the island built by Lord Dunmore in the 18th century. The guide gives a brief history overview and once you arrive at the entrance you are then lead through the fort on a guided tour.



Second Stop is The Caves our tour guide filled the group in on the history of the Lucayan Indians who are said to have lived there and the pirates. We also got to sample almonds from the almond trees surrounding the outside of the caves.  The tour guide Mario was happy to take pictures for everyone and even suggested poses and the best places to stand.




Third stop is Clifton Heritage National Park and in my opinion this is where the real fun begins. This is where you get to let loose! It had rained before my tour so the dirt trails turned to mud and we really got to off road, we got to go through mud and water. This part of the tour is an adrenaline rush. There are 3 stops within the park: Jaws beach,  Johnston beach and then snorkel beach where the underwater sculpture garden is located.




The forth and final stop is Aquafire restaurant, by this time you should have built up an appetite. You are treated to lemonade and each person gets a sampler plate, including calamari, chicken wings in a guava bbq sauce and conch fritters. It was all good but my favorite was the conch fritters for sure, who can resist a good conchy conch fritter?




The staff was friendly and a pleasure to deal with, my tour guide Mario was knowledgeable about all of the stops and had no problem answering any of the questions asked.

The Island Buggy tour is a truly epic adventure, you get to drive on roads along the coast, through lush secluded areas, see beautiful beaches, do some off roading and end it all with delicious food, What can be better than that?

You can find them on:

Their website : www.jsscooterbahamas.com

Facebook: J&S Scooters & Buggy Rentals 

Check out the video from my day with J&S Scooters & Buggy Rentals:


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