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Captain Bill’s Blue Hole – Andros


Captian Bill’s Blue Hole, is one of the largest on the island of Andros and easiest to reach. This inland blue hole is 440 feet in diameter and is one of many of a fascinating network of blue holes dotting the island of Andros. Andros Island has over 350 known inland and oceanic blue holes.

Captian Bill’s Blue Hole is located in Blue Holes National Park, This national park is clean and well kept. The park has restrooms available, nature trails, a stone grilling area, a wooden picnic bench, fresh water pump and a covered pavilion. The pavilion has a platform for jumping and there is also a stairway down to the water for easy access. Don’t think about it, just jump!

Upon arrival to Captian Bill’s Blue Hole I relaxed under the pavilion and took the gorgeous view in. Then I decided to go for a swim, this is where the on-site bathrooms came in handy. They were spacious and well kept. After changing I decided it was time to take the plunge… sike this day I didn’t jump in… at least not from the platform. I used the stairs and jumped from there, I’m usually a jumper but I psyched myself out this day. The water was really nice and refreshing.


How To Get There

Travel North on Queens Highway, once you arrive at Love Hill settlement drive to Rev. Leroy Hanna Drive, take a LEFT up the hill, and continue straight. You will come to a 4-way intersection, Continue straight until you come to another 4-way intersection with a large sign saying “Central Andros National Park”.  Take a RIGHT here and go straight until you see a fork in the road and a small sign “Blue Hole”. Take a LEFT here and continue, Eventually, you will see a clearing and the entrance to Captian Bills Blue hole. Park here and follow the trail by foot until you see the boardwalk.

CaptianBill'sBlueHole-Fresh Water Pump

After the refreshing swim, we utilized the stone hearth grill to cook dinner. We made burgers and had veggies, crackers, and some dips as appetizers. There was also a picnic table and vintage fresh water pump. This made it super easy to prepare the food & to clean up afterward. Overall Captian Bill’s Blue Hole is a great natural wonder to visit and you can make a full day of it. The bathrooms, pavilion, fresh water pump, stone hearth grill & picnic table make it a great family outing.

Have you been to Captain Bill’s Blue Hole before? Did you jump in?

Expeditionparks242-Captian Bill's Blue Hole CaptianBill'sBlueHole-Group Pic CaptianBill'sBlueHole-Pavilion View


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