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Taking Flight With Jetlink Adventures

Waiting for the instructor the get everything ready

Jetlink Adventures is the only place in the Bahamas I know of that you can take flight without stepping foot on a plane. When I first started seeing the ads and videos about this new company I knew it was something I just had to give a try.  Jetlink Adventures  offers fly-over-water experiences with their Jetpack R200X and flyboards. Toys that we all wish we had when we were kids.

Their website is very comprehensive and easy to use. You can find all the information you need and you can even book a service directly from their site. There is also an awesome FAQ section that can answer any questions you may have before making the decision to book with them.

Before getting strapped in to the Jetpack

First Flight

One thing I was immediately blown away by was my flight instructor,  He was very thorough in explaining all of the controls and safety features and made me feel at ease; he was also very patient and willing to explain everything to me multiple times. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous before hand. After I wiped-out the first time he didn’t rush me into getting back in the air and went over the controls with me again and asked me to explain why I was feeling nervous.  This helped me to get over my slight apprehension of trying again. I’m an adrenaline junkie but I still like to be as safe a possible with everything I do.

First wipeout

The controls are pretty sensitive which is not what I was expecting at all, so there is a little bit of a learning curve and figuring how to stay conscious of both of your hands needing to be in the same position in order for you to stay upright. Once you get a hang of the controls and your fear of crashing if you’re anything like me, it ends up being an awesome experience. I can’t even begin to explain the sensation of flying but even though I had wiped-out my first time up in the air, once I tried again I had a HUGE grin on my face. I didn’t get too high out of the water but the view was still pretty awesome.

Getting the hang of it

Instructor Demo

I think Jetlink Adventures is definitely something thrill seekers would enjoy trying or even someone who is just looking for something different and fun to do in Nassau. I had a great time and I will be back again to try out their other services. Overall Jetlink has superb customer service and they offer an unmatched experience in water sports.

You can find them on:

Facebook: Jetlink Adventures

Instagram: @jetlinkadventures

Website:  jetlinkadventures.com

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Check out my first flight with Jetlink Adventures:


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