Sitting on the Boat

I have a never-ending list of things I want to see and do in my lifetime and swimming with wild sea turtles has always been on that list.

When I heard that there was a spot in Exuma where you could see and swim with turtles I was sold immediately. We took a short boat ride from February Point to an unnamed cove nearby where we were told we could see these elusive wild turtles.

Unnamed Cove

We sat quietly and threw small bits of squid in the water to try and attract any form of sea life because to me the cove seemed completely dead and I was starting to get disappointed. After about a 20 minute wait the turtles decided to show up. At first we fed them squid from the boat and then a few minutes later I decided to get in the water with them.

Sea Turtles


I never realized how big they actually are, I was amazed by their size. There were two adult turtles; a male and a female and a juvenile turtle. I like to think they were a family. I swam with them for a bit and after they got comfortable with me I was able to get up close and personal with these beautiful animals. I was truly surprised by how friendly they were and I didn’t want to get out of the water. The juvenile turtle followed me back to the boat and I was sad to leave but I’m glad I was able to tick this experience off my bucket list. It was an unforgettable experience.

Bow of the Boat

Check out the video I made of my experience swimming with turtles.

8 thoughts on “Bucket List Experience: Swimming With Sea Turtles”

  1. The turtle solidified our friendship when it said hey bro to me. I must now seek it’s family out & swim w/ them. Exuma where are you?

  2. I enjoyed the video, the background music makes it really relaxing to watch. The turtles are beautiful creatures.

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