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Fruits & Roots: An interview with Adama Hunt

Im so glad Adama took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for me. I was so excited when I found this little gem I just needed to know more about Fruits & Roots.  Check out the interview below.

Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

A: Gosh I always struggle with answering this question because I don’t like highlighting myself. Okay so I’m a mother of 3 beautiful girls who I can say is my driving force, I’m a realtor by profession and an entrepreneur deep to my core. I am a child of God and I give him thanks constantly for every blessing and trial in my life.


Q: Why did you start Fruits & Roots Juice Bar?

A: I started Fruits & Roots Juice Bar first and foremost to have another stream of income. I feel as if we all need multiple streams of income to in order to have the life we desire and in my case provide for our families. The second reason is my love and obsession with clean eating. I feel that God gave us absolutely everything on this earth to nourish and heal our bodies. Food either harms your body or heals your body. We want to educate people on how they can change their lives by changing what goes into their mouth.


Q: What do you guys do?

A: Our main focus at the moment are our smoothies and juices. Most Bahamians are excited and informed about smoothies which we offer an array of. However cold pressed juice is my passion and the passion of my team. It’s not just about purchasing another healthy drink. It’s about empowering others to live healthier, happier, balanced lives. We also offer healthier lunch options of salads, soups and sandwiches.


Q: How long have you been in business?

A: We’ve been open from October 2015. So still a very new business.


Q: How did you come up with the idea or get into cold pressed juices and smoothies?

A: Well like I mentioned I am obsessed with clean eating and that obsession has been reading constantly. I research and read anything regarding food and how it heals our bodies. During some of my reading I found out about cold pressed juices and the wide range of benefits. After that my mind went from 0 to 100 real quick. lol.


Q: Which product is your top seller?

A: I would say our top selling smoothie is the Cat 4 which is a green smoothie. The top selling juice is our Drop the Beet, which is a beet juice and our top selling sandwich is our chicken salad sandwich.


Q: Do you plan to offer other juices besides the current four cold pressed offerings?

A: Yes!!!!!! I get so excited at the thought. We have so many new and exciting juices coming to the menu. There is one that I am super excited about. It’s a natural cure for hangovers and food poisoning. We want to introduce to the block one at the time and educate our customers on the benefits of each one. We also will be adding to our smoothie menu as well. So lots to look forward to. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages.


Q: What are the health benefits of cold pressed juices?

A: Cold Pressed juice is a bottle of vital nutrients. Juice from raw fruits and vegetables provides the easiest and most effective way of providing high quality nutrition. Drinking juice is the most natural and quickest way to increase your consumption of raw fruit and vegetables. This is unpasteurized, unprocessed juice. This is why these juices carry only a 3-4 day shelf life. For many people eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables is a struggle. Cold-pressed juice provides a powerful flood of nutrients to the bloodstream in one bottle. With the fast pace life that we live nowadays, always on the go grabbing a cold-pressed juice is a quick and easy way to add more fruits and vegetables into your life while reaping the benefits and rewards. The benefits are endless when we begin to talk about cold pressed juice. The more well known and obvious ones are radiant glowing skin, higher energy levels, mental clarity.


Q: What are your favorites from your menu of juices and food offerings?

A: My favorite juice is the 20/20 which is a carrot juice and I think mainly because I know about the many nutritional benefits of carrots. My favorite food option is the portobello stack because I absolutely LOVE mushrooms.


Q: Tell me about some of your other offerings.

A: Well something that we are very excited to launch very shortly is our 1,3 and 5 day cleanses. It’s an opportunity to press a large reset button. It allows you to heal your digestive organs, treat diseases, and promote cellular repair. It’s also a great way to help you break addictions, bad eating habits, jump start weight loss programs, and a great way to shed inches. It’s very popular for brides who want to shed a few pounds before the big day. It should be a regular part of our lifestyles.


Q: Anything else you would like to add?

A: We need to change our relationship with food. Eating well is the most important thing we can do to ensure optimum health. Our bodies were designed in such a way that it knows exactly what it needs. Listen to your body.

Fruits & Roots Juice Bar

I love finding new Bahamian businesses especially when they offer something different and this is a spot I will definetly be hitting up as much as possible.

What I Tried:

  • Drop the beet: beets,pineapple & ginger
  • Coco h20: 100% coconut water
  • Watermelon: 100% watermelon
  • 20/20: carrot, lemon, ginger & pineapple
Cool Pressed Juices
L-R: 20/20, Drop The Beet, Watermelon, H20 Coco

Since I am allergic to pinapple they were kind enough to make me a batch that excluded the pineapple. Pineapple is used as a natural sweetener but I can honestly say that they all tasted great without the sweetness that the pineapple would have added.

I had a chance to try out all of the juice flavors except for the mean green and I can honestly say I loved every single one. On my last visit to Fruits and Roots I also tired the Slim Sexy Smoothie & The Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich. I am not a fan of raw tomatoes but I devoured this sandwich, I think it was that magical basil pesto sauce they put on the bread.

Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich
Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich with Plantain Chips & Carrot Sticks

It was hard to choose my favorite juice. I really love how refreshing Coco H20 & Watermelon are, but I also love the flavor dimensions of the mixed juices. If i had to choose a favorite I would say the 20/20, it just tastes so fresh, the lemon and ginger make this one for me.

Slim Sexy Smoothie

A few things I was really happy to hear about was that they try to use local farms and produce as much as possible, also that all of their fruits and vegetables they use are organic. Another awesome thing that makes me love them even more is you can bring your bottles back to them and they will recycle them. How awesome is that!

If you are in the Cable Beach area stop by Fruits & Roots in the Henrea & Carlette Plaza and give one of their juices or smoothies a try. Make sure you drop by early because they’re so good they run out pretty quickly. Even if you’re not a fan of juicing or smoothies I think everyone can find something they like here.

You can find them on:

Facebook: Fruits & Roots Juice Bar

Instagram: Fruitsandrootsjuicebar

What is your favorite type of smoothie? Have you ever tried cold-pressed juices?


  • Ricquel

    This place sounds really interesting and the part that stands out to me is that they are not only selling healthy juices and food but they are most importantly educating their customers on the importance and benefits of what we are putting into our systems. The body was made to heal itself and to function at an optimal level once our nervous system and immune system are both working in balance. But that balance can be easily affected and it is usually found to be due to the foods that we are consuming. We have moved from the hunters and gatherers that we were created to be and have turn int this microwave generation that wants everything quickly so we turn to processed and refined foods that are doing our bodies more harm than good. I can go on and on but then I would need my own post lol. Thank for this insight into this establishment and I hope people take the opportunity to receive FREE education on how they can be their best selves.

    • girlwithherviews

      I loved Adama’s answers to the questions. I could really tell how passionate she is about her business and helping people get healthy through juicing and healthy foods. I can’t wait until they debut their juice cleanses, that’s something I would definitely want to try out.

  • Silver

    Quite the interesting interview, Its very light on the heart when you see and hear local entrepreneurs so interested, enthusiastic and dedicated to what they do! Great blog GWHV!

  • gb

    These cold pressed juices look refreshing and inviting. Will have to try these out.this an excellent interview with a Bahamian entrepreneur.

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