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Island Food Tours Brunchin’ Sunday’s

Island food tours and Goombay House have collaborated to bring you Brunchin’ Sundays. A brand new offering to their already awesome line up of food tours. You get to sit back in an air conditioned van while being chaffeured between brunch spots. Whats better than that?

This tour isn’t just a drive between food stops though, it’s a fun experience. Your tour guides will be sharing facts about The Bahamas and it’s food, local insights and pointing out areas of interest. Theres also some trivia involved to make your time in the van fun and engaging. 

The Food: 

Lets talk about the stops, I don’t want to spoil it for you so I won’t go into too much detail. The first stop is at Studio cafe where you will start off with a classic brunch staple paired with mimosas. Expect ocean breeze and beautiful water views. 

The second stop is Meze Grill, the portion of food is more substantial here and will be paired with sangria. You’re probably going to be tipsy at this point. Expect a modern upscale setting with a relaxed vibe. 

Your third and final stop is back to where you started at Goombay House. You get to learn how to prepare your own brunch dish, plate it and eat it. Expect a hilarious time with your crew. If your food taste’s bad, that’s on you *wink*. 

The tour is well rounded and progressive, you start off light and end with a bang. 

The Team:

The Island Food tours staff are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. They made the tour fun and interesting and were willing to answer any questions about the food, the ingredients, the different stops and anything in between. 

The Transportation: 

The Island Food tours van is very spacious and comfortable. The van is equipped with a screen so the tour guides can share information with you and they have wifi. How awesome is that! It is also equipped with a first aid kit and an epipen. It’s a food tour so its great that they thought about people with food allergies. I have food allergies so I was happy to hear that. 

Island Food Tours & Goombay house did an excellent job with the restaurants and dishes they chose. The tour flows well and by then end of the day everyone in my group left satisfied and had fun. Overall I would highly recommend this tour.  Make sure you watch the video the get a sneak peek of what this tour is like.

My question to you is: Have you really experienced a new place if you haven’t tried the food? 


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