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Art Basel Miami Beach 2019 Appreciation|Hopeful for 2021

Art Basel is one of those things I’ve wanted to do for a really long time but I kept on putting it off. If you don’t know this about me yet, I went to an art/design school so my entire college experience was surrounded and encompassed by different types of art. I have a deep appreciation for the arts in all of its forms.

Art Basel is just one of those things that is the pinnacle of art-related events. So, finding out that it would be canceled this year because of Covid-19 was really disappointing. I was hopeful that by the end of the year things would have calmed down, boy was I wrong. Art Basel is more than just an art exhibition its art culture, there are brands involved, hotel properties, and celebrities. It’s a whole experience; events and parties leading up to the main event and art installations scattered all around the Miami Beach area. The event is a sight to behold and it cannot be explained, you need to experience it for yourself. Before going I didn’t get it but the exhibition definitely lived up to and exceeded the hype for me.

My First Art Basel Experience

Last year I went for the first time and was in awe of the sheer size and the amount of art and artists in one place. It was honestly overwhelming at first and I had to step back and create a gameplan. I learned a lot from my time there and I have a much better idea of how to manage my time. It is really hard to see the art and artists you’re interested in without a plan. After that weekend I was kicking myself, wondering why I had put off going for so long. I decided that I wanted to return year after year if possible.

Covid Laughed at My Plans

I had a whole series planned out for the months leading up to the 2020 event; a guide on where to stay, what to do, musts sees, and how to navigate the huge space effectively. But with lockdowns, border closures, and then the cancellation of Art Basel those topics weren’t really relevant right now. Fingers crossed for next year. This is an appreciation post so I can share some of the beautiful pieces I saw with you. I hope you enjoy the pictures from my time at Art Basel, let me know if you have been before in the comments. I would love to hear about your experience at past events and any tips you have to offer.

Art Basel Online Viewing Rooms


Watch the video to see some of the beautiful artwork from Art Basel Miami Beach 2019


  • Gail

    Art Basel was quite an experience for me last year. It was inspiring to say the least, but it was also overwhelming because there was so much to see and to take in. It was eye opening and mind boggling. There were some displays that I thought “they call that art?’ I was like a little child in a candy store and I wanted to take my slow time to look at everything which was impossible to do in one day.
    From my experience last year my advice would be to:
    (1)View their site online prior to your visit so you can put a plan in place because of the size and magnitude of this show. If you don’t, you can become frustrated and just decide to leave without seeing or experiencing much of the show.
    (2)Do more than one day
    (3)Wear comfortable clothes and footwear
    (4)Use Uber or some other form of transportation because the traffic and parking is a nightmare. These transportation companies know routes to avoid traffic and they drop you off at the building, and pick you up at the building. We used Uber and when we saw where the traffic stretched, and how far people was walking because they could not find parking, we were happy we made such a decision.

    • Ashley Bethel

      All great tips and I agree with you on the point about Uber. If I had driven there I would have turned right back around and gone back to my hotel. Doing more than one day is also a must, it is IMPOSSIBLE to see everything in just one day! I’m looking forward to attending future Art Basel’s.

  • Silver

    I can attest to the near impossible traffic flow and parking that is Art Basel….
    It was the biggest factor I feel that I can’t say with full certainty that I attended a legit event….
    In time I wish to explore this in a satisfactory capacity.
    This post made me feel that in some way

    • Ashley Bethel

      The traffic was brutal, if we hadn’t used Uber I honestly would not have went because it is very overwhelming getting there, finding parking and leaving. Please go, you will love it I promise you.

  • Kay

    Wow, it looks like it would have been a beautiful event. I’ve never even been to Miami, but I love art exhibitions and events – it kind of reminds me of Desert X but indoors! UGH, well, I’m naturally a hopeful person, so maybe next year I’ll see ya there!

    • Ashley Bethel

      I’m so sad it was canceled this year, it’s such an amazing event especially for people who truly appreciate art. After seeing the pics you shared of Desert X a while back, that’s on my list now as well. Anything art related can take my money to be honest.

  • Rachel

    I’ve never heard of this! Seems like a cool event! These types of big events are always best with a game plan in hand. Here’s to hoping it’ll happen next year!

    • Ashley Bethel

      Depending on how next year goes I may still move forward with the Art Basel guide I had planned for this year. For sure, going in without a plan is a big mistake, Art Basel can be so overwhelming without a plan.

  • Amanda

    “COVID laughed at my plans” should honestly be the overall theme of 2020. But this looks like a great experience overall! Even if the plan doesn’t work out, at least this appreciation post is lovely!

  • Schaguna

    This looks awesome! As a person who loves art in any form this was very interesting to see. I hope it will be this year again. Would love to go there when i’m in Miami.

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