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Judee’s Blissful Creations | Long Island, Bahamas

Judee’s Blissful Creations is a local retail store located in Lower Deadman’s Cay, Long Island. This unique souvenir shop sells one of a kind handmade products, island fresh juices, medicinal teas and sweet treats. Judee took the former Lower Deadman’s Cay police station and transformed it into a beautiful business geared towards preserving Bahamian culture and relics.

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The former holding cells are now mini museums offering a look into what life living on Long Island was like before modernization. These mini museums give a sense of nostalgia for locals and are an educational opportunity for foreigners. Each room features a variety of items ranging from washing tubs and scrub boards to lanterns and old straw work. Exactly what you would see in a traditional Long Island home at the time when there was no electricity or running water. All of the necessities that people needed and used to survive on a daily basis are on display. If you wish Judee will explain what these items are and what they were used for or you are free to browse and look around at your own pace.

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On display throughout the store are Judee’s personal collection of rare glass bottles, stamps from around the world and nautical rope and buoys. This is not your regular souvenir shop, everything I saw was handmade, each piece unique in its own way. From straw work to shell crafts, handmade bags, picture frames and one of a kind pendants, no two pieces are alike. Judee even sells local sea salt, tamarind balls and homemade juices in flavors like tamarind, fever grass, mango papaya and sea grape. On my last visit, I purchased a few different flavors of juice, sea salt, tamarind balls and some seashell Christmas ornaments. The tamarind balls were delicious and the juices were tasty and refreshing.

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How to Get There:

Traveling North: Located in Lower Deadman’s Cay about a 5 minutes drive from Deadman’s Cay airport. Traveling north, after you pass St. Athanasius Anglican Church, Judee’s will be the blue building on the right-hand side Of the road.

Traveling South: Once you pass Cartwight’s Garage, and the cemetery on your right and Apple Pond Road on your left, Judee’s will be the blue building on your left. It is clearly marked.

Judee is doing an amazing job at preserving the local culture and I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into her establishment. If you are looking for a unique souvenir to take back home from your trip to Long Island, Judee’s Blissful Creations is where you need to look.


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  • gb

    This place is so nostalgic and everything is authentic. The souvenirs,drinks,ornaments are all made from local stuff.I visit every time I go to Long Island.

    • Ashley Bethel

      I was pleasantly surprised, I’m so used to seeing the same imported items and being disappointed! Judee is doing a great job with her shop!

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