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It’s All Under The Sun Cafe, Long Island, Bahamas

It’s All Under The Sun is a department store in Long Island that sells everything you can possibly think of. They have fishing and diving gear, board games, clothing and hardware. They also now have the cutest little cafe at the front of the store. There is comfortable seating both outdoors and indoors. The cafe is a great place to grab a drink, snack and sit and get some work done or read emails.

It'sallunderthesun It'sallunderthesun

The Food

Their menu offers paninis, personal pizzas, deli sandwiches and salads. They Also have coffee and baked goods available if you just want a snack. On my visit we had a pulled pork sandwich, a roasted veggie pizza and chicken tenders with sweet potato fries. We also had a cranberry lemon scone and for drinks we had lemonade and iced tea. The pulled pork sandwich offered a generous portion of pork topped with tangy cole slaw. The pork was tender and flavorful and had us wondering if it was a native Long Island hog.



The roasted veggie pizza was topped with mushrooms, spinach, onions, green peppers and black olives. The sauce was delicious and the flat bread was nice and crispy. The chicken tenders and sweet potato fries tasted as expected, I enjoyed the sweet potato fries with the special sauce but the chicken tenders were nothing special. The cranberry and lemon scone was DELICIOUS, not too crumbly and just the right amount of cranberries and lemon zest. My only complaint is that I was expecting some good ole’ island fresh squeezed lemonade and it seemed to be either bottled or powdered.


It'sallunderthesun It'sallunderthesun

Overall the food was great and the staff was friendly and efficient. If you have a larger group I recommend calling ahead to place an order, their staff is small and they can only get so much done in their small space. I would definitely recommend stopping by It’s All Under The Sun for a quick bite for breakfast or lunch. Did you know It’s All Under The Sun served food? Let me know in the comments.


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