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FOOD: Wild Thyme

Wild Thyme is a fairly new restuarant located on East Bay street. The old colonial house has been beautifully restored and outfitted and the grounds are clean and well kept. The atmosphere is cozy and clean and the sprigs of thyme peppered around the resturant’s decor add a nice touch. Wild Thyme serves fresh, flavorful and innovative dishes. Each dish has a little twist that takes it to another level. The Bahamian food offerings are elevated by the chef’s personal touches. The classics are the same as you remember but the presentation and extras create something you would never find in your kitchen at home.

What We Ordered

Appetizers & Entrees:

Conch Fritters with calypso rum dip

Spiced Chicken Wings with Chefs Signature Goat & Guava Hot Sauce

Lobster Salad with Passion Fruit Mayo – Cassava Chips – Avocado – Sesame Cracker

Cracked Conch – Hand Cut Fries – Tartar Sauce

White Chocolate Guava Bread Pudding – Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – Rum Anglaise


Berry Mule – Ketel One Vodka – Ginger – Berries – Lime Juice

Bellini Cipriani – Guava – Prosecco – Thyme

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The hostess was attentive and seated my party immediately, the server was at our table shortly after with menus and insights about the food and drinks. We then asked questions about certian dishes and for recommendations and the server was knowledgable about the menu and able to answer all of our questions. After placing an appetizer and drink order we recieved both fairly quickly. The conch fritters were crispy, well seasoned and had generous amounts of conch peices so tender that they just melted away in your mouth. The Calypso rum dip is a nod to your old favorite conch fritter dip but with a little kick, a great combination. The spiced chicken wings I was unsure about ordering at first, beacause goat pepper has a tendency to overpower other flavors. Once I tasted them I was pleasantly surprised, although the wings were spicy, the guava balanced it out and added a subtle sweetness.

Wild ThymeIMG_0473
Couldn’t wait to take the pic before eating a few

Wild ThymeIMG_0472

The wait for the entrees was a bit longer than expected but once they arrived I have to say I was impressed. The cracked conch and handcut fries was tasty and once again the conch was tender. The handcut fries were crispy and had the perfect amount of salt. The Lobster salad…Seeing it on the menu I thought to myself how is the chef going to combine all these ingredients without this becoming a hot mess? Well I was so happy I ordered lobster salad, the lobster, greens and vegetables were fresh and delicious. The passion fruit mayo made a great topper to each bite. I cleaned the plate like it was my last meal on earth. Y’all I have ordered this as take out since my first visit.

Wild ThymeIMG_0474 Wild ThymeIMG_0475

Once we had our entrees the server asked if we would like dessert, at first I decided against it. Then quickly changed my mind and ordered the white chocolate guava bread pudding with vanilla bean ice cream. This dessert was simply divine and left me wishing I didn’t decide to share it. White chocolate and guava are an excellent pairing, the bread pudding was dense but rich and creamy. Both bits of guava and white chocolate were well incorporated into each bite. Overall I had a great experience at Wild Thyme; I’ve had thier lunch a few times and I will be back to try thier dinner menu.

Wild ThymeIMG_0477

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The average cost of meals for lunch is reasonable, lunch is served 12pm – 3pm.  Wild Thyme offers a large selection of wines and a cocktail menu with interesting drinks to try. Reservations are recommended so make sure you call ahead. Parking is both at the front and rear of the building so finding a space shouldn’t be a problem.

Have you dined at Wild Thyme before? How was your experience & what was your favorite dish?

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