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Touring: Down Too Earth Adventure Farm

Down Too Earth Adventure Farm - Entrance to Farm

Down Too Earth Adventure Farm houses a large variety of exotic and domestic animals, local and international flora and fauna. At the farm you can sample local fruits and have the opportunity to experience nature and the feel of being on a Family Island.

I didn’t even know about Down Too Earth Adventure Farm until my dad did a farming course there and told me about it. The amount of native fruits, plants and animals on the farm were also a surprise to me. The farm is located on Cowpen road and besides being a working farm, they offer tours of the farm Monday – Saturday.

Down Too Earth Adventure Farm - Chicks

The Farm:

Down Too Earth Adventure Farm is a very large property, with so much to see. You can ride ponies, pet & hold rabbits, chicks and guinea pigs, Do a walking tour of the farm or canoe around Sinclair Island. The tour is very educational and informative. I think the farm is great place for families to visit with their kids. They make juices and jams from their surplus fruits. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and I think this is a great attraction for both tourist and locals alike.

Down Too Earth Adventure Farm - View from Sinclair Island

My favorite part of the tour was the koi pond, The atmosphere in that area is so calm and serene.  I just wanted to sit and watch the koi swim around for the rest of the day.

Down Too Earth Adventure Farm - Koi Swimming

At the end of the tour we ended up buying a few different jams, some of their juices and organic eggs. I love the concept of touring a working farm and learning about all of the animals and plants and finding out what goes into keeping a farm running. At first glance the farm may seem a little rough around the edges but this place has a lot of potential.

Have you ever visited Down Too Earth Adventure Farm before? What was your favorite part of the tour?

Check out my YouTube Video showing a few clips from the tour:


  • Kris

    The posts on this blog really show how there are so many fun and interesting things in New Providence to do. It’s a shame that I no longer live on the island, but my list of things to do whenever I am on the island grows w/ each post!

  • gb

    Really impressed by some of the things you find to do, a lot of them I haven’t heard of before. Great post & I really enjoyed the video that went along with it.

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