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A Weekend Camping In Andros

Andros is a quick 10 minute flight away from Nassau, so getting there is pretty easy. Catch a flight in the morning, spend the weekend exploring the island and be back in Nassau on Sunday evening. Since Andros is so close to Nassau its convenient location makes it a great quick trip. Sometimes we all need a getaway from the hustle and noise, a great way to do that is a weekend trip to a family island. Camping is one of the ultimate forms of getting away from the noise; no cars and no other humans beside who you choose to camp with.

The Campsite

Andros has a large number of pine forests and areas protected by The Bahamas National Trust finding a place to camp shouldn’t be a problem. Ball’s campsite is managed by The Bahamas National Trust, the campsite is ready for use…a major convenience you do not get when setting up camp on your own. The Ball’s campsite has flat areas for your tents, benches for eating and preparing food and a fire pit with a seating area surrounding it. As a result, you only have to set up your camping equipment. This campsite is located in Blue Hole’s National Park; So it is well away from the main road in a quiet and secluded area. The roads are fairly good and you can do some trail walking, birding a swimming in blue holes in the National Park.

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What Makes Andros Good For Camping?

Andros is one of the largest islands in The Bahamas chain of islands with a very small population of 8,000 people. As a result, most of the land is completely untouched. A large percentage of it is protected, making Andros an ecological paradise; you can find lush pine forests virtually everywhere. In addition to that, the beaches, dive sites and wetlands are gorgeous. With the largest concentration of blue holes in the world, it’s hard to get bored here. If you are interested in exploring, Andros is the place for that. Andros offers the quiet laidback lifestyle and seclusion that most people look for when they plan to go camping.

Have you ever been camping before? What do you look for in a campsite? Let me know in the comments.


  • Gail

    Looks like an awesome trip. When I Camp, I like a smooth surface for the tent so skepping can be comfortable, to be near to the sea and breeze and shady trees to protect me from the heat of the day….also s’mores.

    • Ashley Bethel

      Yes, a smooth surface is a must and roasting things on the fire is my favorite. This campsite was inland so no water close by, but the trees offered both shade and protection from the wind. Thanks for reading!

    • Ashley Bethel

      The Bahamas National Trust manages this campsite, I don’t rememeber how much is cost to rent the campsite but if you reach out to them they would be able to give you that information and any other information you need about the national park

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