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Spa Day at The Red Lane Spa

Red Lane Spa is Sandals & Beaches’ signature spa, they can be found on Sandals properties around the world. We all need a break sometime; to make time for ourselves and do something special. My favorite way to relax is a Spa Day, nothing like a good massage to put you into zen mode.

The entrance of Red Lane Spa holds a desk for the spa attendant and the check-in area has various samples of oils and creams, as well as some refreshing fruit-infused water. As soon as you step through the doors you are enveloped with a sweet whiff of aromatherapy oils, which is immediately relaxing. When you arrive an attendant will greet you and give you the standard paperwork to complete if it is your first visit. Once you complete all of the formalities your Spa therapist will whisk you away to your own private room to prepare for the services.

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Red Lane Spa - Waiting Area

Body Scrub

For my body scrub, I chose the “Nature’s Embrace Experience”  which consisted of Caribbean-inspired scrubs with a choice of island aromas, followed by a warm oil ritual using a lit massage oil candle. After the body scrub, you’re taken to a shower room to wash the scrub particles away, this room is also dimly light with candles. The body scrub was divine, my body felt so clean and fresh afterward and had a gorgeous glow!

Red Lane Spa - Massage


For my massage, I chose “Raindrop Dreams” a pure escape that harnesses the healing power of aromatherapy. This ritual begins with sprinkling seven essential oils along your spine, followed by a hypnotic, full-body and foot massage. My massage therapist was amazing, she continuously adjusted pressure where I needed it and worked on areas where I had more tension, she really paid attention to my needs. All I can say is This. Massage. Was. AMAZING!! I felt complete and utter bliss after my massage therapist was done, like I had been transported to a different planet.

Red Lane Spa - Massage Room

The massage rooms are dimly lit with mood music lightly playing in the background and the scents of warm oils and scrubs surround you as you enter. I chose two services this day, so I ended up having two Spa Therapists attend to me. They also used separate rooms for each service. Because I had my body scrub first, I got to use one of their shower rooms. I was escorted to the room where the shower was already running and warm. This room has a rain head shower and a shower head on the wall, so your body is completely engulfed once you step in the shower. There are towels, shampoo, conditioner & body wash provided for you. I loved that before and after each service I didn’t feel rushed and each Spa Therapist gave me enough time to do what I needed to do in between services. They even moved all of my belongings between rooms, made sure I was adequately hydrated and was comfortable at all times.

Red Lane Spa - Shower Room

I was sad when my spa services came to an end but I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated! I had the most amazing blissful spa experience. I would definitely recommend the Red Land Spa if you need some pamper time. I think a few services at the spa would also make a great gift for a friend or family member. Everything from the start of the day was top notch and I would be happy to go to the Red Lane Spa again.



  • Gb

    I agree with you.I went there before and I just love it.It is what you imagine a spa experience should be. A Sandals Red Lane Spa experience is awesome. The ambience,the Staff ,the therapists and products all combine to give one those AhHhhh moments.

    • Ashley Bethel

      Agreed, I can’t wait to go back. I really want to try the lavender scalp massage & the Caribbean glow experience.

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