Oceanview Farms 242 - Farm Entrance

Oceanview Farm is a Bahamian owned horseback riding facility in Eleuthera that offers horseback riding trials along the beach and lake. You can also stop by and meet their horses or even ride a pony. I went on a Saturday so I didn’t get to do a trail but Kelly was happy to give me a tour of the farm. I got a chance to meet all of their beautiful horses, find out a little bit about their stories and where they came from, I also had a chance to see their chickens and collect some eggs.

Oceanview Farms 242 - Entrance to Stables

The facility and barns are extremely well kept, very clean and well attended to. The horses are beautiful and you can tell they are well loved and cared for. The horses seem to be well trained and are very calm around humans, I was able to pet them and get into their stables and watch them for a bit.

Meet & Greets with the horses are free of charge and they love the attention when they are not munching on hay. This activity includes meeting the horses, a tour of the farm and getting to feed them some treats.

Oceanview Farms 242 - Chief Oceanview Farms 242 - Pony

Their trails are offered Monday – Friday 9:30 am & 11:00 am, no experience is needed. The tour takes you on a loop alongside the lake at the back of the farm, through native vegetation, out onto the pink sand beach and then back up to the farm. If the waves aren’t too bad and you are comfortable riding you may even get a chance to get in the water with your horse.

I did not get to meet Angela, but Kelly is wonderful and I immediately could tell that she loves Eleuthera and their horses, her passion and appreciation for the the farm and her animals is very obvious. I will be back for sure to do the horse trails the next time I am in Eleuthera.

Oceanview Farms 242 - Office

You can find them on:

Facebook: Oceanview Farm

Website: Oceanview242.com

Have you done the trail with Oceanview Farms before? Let me know how it was in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Oceanview Farm”

  1. Its a great place…I’ve also been as well…
    They are very accommodating and the horses are absolute sweethearts!
    They seem to have mystical colored chickens as well XP
    If ever anyone is going to Eleuthera, make it one of your stops!

    1. Agreed!! I can’t wait to go back and ride the trail. Hopefully Cheif or Anejo get to be my horse for the day. The chickens and the sounds they make are hilarious!!

  2. Looks as if this is a very interesting thing to do.I will have to try this the next time I visit Eleuthera.

    1. Yes for sure, make sure you go through the week if you want to do a trail ride. They do not do trail rides on the weekends. It was great to interact with all of the horses and tour the facility.

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