The Coffee Bar - Pool View

The Coffee Bar at The Island House is the perfect place to stop for some breakfast if you are in the area. It can be a long drive, but well worth it in my opinion. From the first time I step foot on The Island House property I was sold, it is such a peaceful and serene atmosphere and all of the natural foliage and trees that surround the hotel and dining areas makes you feel like you are in a different world.

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I decided to stop by The Coffee Bar for breakfast and I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of selections; There are both cooked and uncooked breakfast options, coffee, fresh squeezed juices and a variety of fruits available.

We decided on the waffles, the italian sausage hash, a fruit plate, cappuccino & fresh squeezed orange juice. All of it was delicious, the presentation was outstanding and as always the staff was extremely attentive and professional.

I will definitely be back to try out The Coffee Bar’ lunch menu and of course for the beautiful surroundings.

Have you been to The Island House yet? Let me know about your experience in the comments.

The Coffee Bar - Italian Sausage Hash



The Coffee Bar - Waffles & Fruit Plate


5 thoughts on “FOOD: The Coffee Bar @ The Island House”

  1. My mouth running like a broken faucet….and to top it off, it has coffee in its name?! Sold!!!!!

  2. Tasty food,great presentation,relaxing and refreshing atmosphere,great service and good price.What I liked most is you are left alone;there is no waiter hovering around you but they seem to know when they were needed.I will go back.

    1. Yes the waiters have it down to a science, they will not “bother you” but always seem to be there when you need them. They are very well trained. The excellent service and staff is refreshing.

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