The Shrimp Hole

Just past Gray’s Settlement heading north towards The Bight lies an old dilapidated Anglican church on your right, this is how you know you’re in the right place to get to The Shrimp Hole. There is a path in the bushes behind the church leading to The Shrimp Hole. The path is winding and a bit rocky at times, but once you reach your destination it will be worth the walk.

The Shrimp Hole

The Shrimp Hole

The Shrimp hole is an inland blue hole shaded by trees surrounding the opening and filled with shrimp and tiny crabs. The shrimp are the main attraction here. Their bright red bodies stand out against the rocks and debris filling the hole. I found it mesmerizing watching them pick little bits of algae off of the rocks. The water is refreshingly chilled and is the perfect repose after the walk through the bushes in the blazing sun. If you swim into the cavern, the holes above allow light to shine through and create beautiful displays in the water below.

The Shrimp Hole

The Shrimp Hole

Around the top edge, there are a few spots you can jump from if you’re brave enough. This is a great spot to experience something a bit unusual but also interesting and fun. Have you been to The Shrimp Hole before? Did you jump in? Let me know in the comments.


9 thoughts on “The Shrimp Hole, Long Island, Bahamas”

  1. What an experience! I’m sure for as cold as the water is there have to be some healing properties. The water is refreshing and invigorating. This is a must see when visiting Long Island Bahamas.

    1. The water is awesome after you get heated and sweaty from the walk. The color is so striking I was like WOW 🙀

  2. This is an extremely fragile eco system and should not be frequented or abused. There is a very small population of blind cave fish about 8 in total. Dr. Tom Iliffe of Texas A & M, Galveston visited this water filled cave and found that the symbiosis between the bat guano, shrimp, and blind cave fish is unique. He recommended that this place be left alone and shouldn’t be disturbed. Please look and don’t swim or allow anything harmful to,enter the water, do not remove fish or shrimp.

    1. Thanks for your comment Kris, I agree with your statement. Nothing about this place is a secret though and just a week or two ago film crews were up here at the Shrimp Hole recording, so if it was a secret to outsiders It won’t be for very long anymore.

  3. This is all so interesting !!! But I am going to have to agree with Kris.
    For those who may not know, there is also another shrimp hole in Mileys, south Long Island.
    Could not find it now if I had to tho 🙂

    1. Thanks Patricia, There is also another one in Galloway that I’m interesting in checking out.

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