I visit Eleuthera at least once or twice a year, but lately I have been visiting quite frequently. On this trip I wanted to do something new and interesting and stumbled upon The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve.

Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve - Entry Walkway

Entry Walkway

When you first arrive the park officials give you a short overview of the preserve, you can taste test some homemade Bahamian Bush Teas, you are given your maps and tree/plant guide and then you are free to explore.

Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve - Sitting Area

Sitting Area

I knew immediately that i wanted to do the Ethan’s power loop and climb up Ethan’s Tower, which is one of the highest points in the park.

Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve - A rest area on Ethan's Tower Loop

Rest Area on Ethan’s Powerloop

We explored for about an hour stopping at all of the different sections until we finally made it to the Educational Pavilion; we stopped for a rest, had some water and then started our trek to Ethan’s Tower.

Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve - Education Pavilion

Education Pavilion

After what felt like a never ending walk, we finally made it to the top and trust me that cardio workout was well worth it, Because the 360 view was gorgeous!!

Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve - View from the observatory

After the trek the view is well worth it!

If you are looking for something different to do, I would highly recommend checking Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve out. Overall we spent about 3 hours at the park. Exploring was both fun and educational.

You can see plants like pineapples, mangos, wild dilly & many other Bahamian edibles

You can see plants like pineapples, mangos, wild dilly & many other Bahamian edibles

If you are out of shape don’t shy away from experiencing the park, you can explore at your own pace and there are plenty of shady areas with seating for you to rest. Don’t forget to pack your sunblock and hats and remember to have fun!!

Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve - Lucayan Hut Replica

A replica of a Lucayan Hut

Have you visited LLNPP before? What is your favorite thing to do when visiting new places?

Let me know in the comments!

17 thoughts on “Explore: Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve”

  1. Interesting read! Sounds like a really fun place to go if you’re seeking something new and different to explore.

  2. Don’t go chasing waterfalls..please stick to the bamboo and the durty’s you used too…

  3. Congrats on the first post! It was a great read. I love to claim Eleuthera and I’ve never even heard of this, haha. A shame for someone who goes so often and used to live there. Definitely gonna check it out the next time I visit.

  4. My next trip to the island I will make sure and check Leon Levy. It’s sounds Peaceful and Fun!

    1. It really is peaceful & there are tons of beautiful plants to see, also there were a lot of species that I didn’t know we’re native to The Bahamas. I think you will really enjoy it

  5. I will have to visit this the next time I go to Eleuthera. Your summary of the parka do your photos has enticed me to see it.

  6. Very interesting. It is sad to say that I live in The Bahamas and I have never heard of this place. I am sure others havent either but next time I visit I will most definitely go here. Not tasting any bush medicine though ?

    1. Glad I could introduce you to a place you haven’t been to before. There are a ton of hidden gems on the Family Islands. You just have to do some exploring and speak to the locals.

  7. I hope your posts become a regular thing, I want to know more about what I didn’t know.

  8. T’was a great experience….its a must do again sometime….especially now that its expanding!

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